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Pipe Freeze Prevention

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The Problem

Frozen Pipes and Tanks

In winter climates, water supply, drainage, fuel lines and pipes in unheated areas can freeze, burst and cause serious damage. Thermal insulation alone will only slow the process down and not prevent it! Many locations are at risk for frozen pipes, particularly when water or fuel pipes run in unheated areas of homes, caravans, campers, mobile homes, farms, and other businesses.

The Solution

Pipe Freeze Protection

  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Energy Efficient

Advantages of HeatSafe System

  • Comes Ready Assembled, with easily assembled plugs and sockets
  • Uses the very best self-regulating heating cable technology
  • Systems can be extended or added to at a later date
  • Easy to Install and Use, with the help of our Interactive Installation Guide
  • All Systems come with an 24 month Limited Warranty
  • Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more

Can I really install it myself?

Take a minute to watch our YouTube Video above and make up your own mind. It really is very easy, as we do most of the work by pre-assembling the connections so that you don't need an electrician or professional to complete installation.

Each component simply plugs into the next and secures with a quality protective cap, which is dust and water tight. Installation is made even easier with the help of our Installation Guide. Each step of the installation process is fully detailed. Have a look - and you can see for yourself!

Solution Designer - Create a bespoke system

Our Solution Designer is an online app which will ask you questions, and based on your answers it will automatically select components and place them in your shopping cart. This will create a customised solution, which will fit your exact pipe system.

This will often be the most cost effective solution, because the exact amount of heating cable and components can be provided - something which is not possible with pre-terminated fixed length kits. You can read and learn more on our Solution Designer Information Page.

Fixed Length Pipe Freeze Prevention Kits

Fixed Length Kits are available in typical pipe lengths. Fixed Length Kits are not ideal for complex pipe systems, such as those with multiple pipe sections, elbows and t-pieces. If your system includes these pieces, please shop using the Solution Designer instead.

If you choose to shop for Fixed Length Kits, please choose by length below. Extra Heating cable is preferred to not enough. Once you have selected a length, you will need to select a plug type on the product page.

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Pipe Freeze Prevention Kit - 2m
A Pipe Freeze Prevention Kit with 2m of Heating Cable. All components needed to protect your pipes from freezing are included.
From €26.72
Pipe Freeze Prevention Kit - 3m
Metal Pipe Freeze Prevention Kit. All components, connections and heating cables needed are provides. Please select your plug type and supply voltage below.
From €31.65
Pipe Freeze Prevention Kit - 5m
Pipe Freeze Protection Kit for a 5m pipe. Includes all components, connections and heating cables to prevent your pipes from freezing. Please select your plug type and supply voltage below.
From €41.49