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Intelligent Heating

Roof and Gutter Heating

Roof and Gutter Heating Bespoke, Easy to Install

The Problem

Preventing Snow and Ice on Roof and in Gutters and Ice Dams

Everyone living in a climate with severe winters is aware of the phenomenon known as icicles. While they may look festive, they pose serious dangers when left unattended. Icicles form when snowfall on a roof melts during the day, only to refreeze at night in the gutter.

The frozen gutter causes a blockage on the roof. As a result; an ice dam on the roof, which will damage your roof, requiring expensive repairs, The weight of the ice in your gutter can damage them very quickly. In addition to property damage, snow and ice can fall from the roof and gutters, causing injury to pedestrians below.

The Solution

Roof and Gutter Heating

Roof and Gutter Heating Solution

Our self-regulating heating cables can be installed on your roof and in your gutters and downspouts to provide maximum protection to your home. These cables automatically adjust to provide more heat in colder areas, providing protection against frozen gutters and ice dams exactly where it is needed. The prevention of roof and gutter damage alone pays for the system and its operating cost. Making it an excellent value!

Advantages of HeatSafe Solution

  • Intelligent Self-Regulating Heating Cables provide heating in the coldest areas to prevent ice dams and blocked gutters.
  • The entire system is designed by our unique Solution Designer. which provides a complete solution for any roof and gutter layout or material. We design the system to your installation requirements.
  • Easy to Install and Use without an electrician. Please see our Interactive Installation Guide for specific information.
  • All systems come with an 24 Month Limited Warranty
  • Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

Solution Designer - Create your own System

Our Solution Designer is an online app which will ask you some basic questions, such as: Roof and Gutter Layout, Material, Power Supply and Location. It will automatically calculate the correct heating cable, connections, and safety equipment and place these items into your shopping cart.

We believe this is a significant advantage over the competition, who only offers pre-made kits. Imagine purchasing a pre-terminated kit, but you are left with unused heating cable - this is a waste of electricity and money. In contrast, our Solution is bespoke.

Can I really install it myself?

Have a look at our Installation Guide and take a look for yourself. It really is very easy. All components are pre-assembled at the factory, so no electrical work needs to be completed by you. You will receive all cables and extension cords in the length you specify. Each step of the installation process is covered in detail. You will also receive a customised system diagram, explaining where each connection should be made. We have done our best to make this process as easy as possible.