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Intelligent Heating

Soil Warming Kit - Automatic

Soil Warming Kits are designed to raise the temperature of the soil by approximately 11-13°C above ambient temperature. Because they are self-regulating they provide an extra level of safety over traditional series heating cables provided for soil warming. Includes a unique adjustable thermostat so that you can select any desired temperature.

Our Automatic Soil Warming Kit Contains

  • Self-Regulating Heating Cable
  • Adjustable Soil Temperature Thermostat (AT/A)
  • Factory Made Waterproof Connections and Terminations (IP68)
  • 16A Residual Current Device for safety (RCD/GFI)
  • 2m (6.5 ft.) Cold Lead and Power Plug

System Overview

Soil Warming Kits use our inherently temperature safe self-regulating heating cables to heat the soil safely and efficiently. The adjustable thermostat allows you to choose the desired temperature for your plants. The thermostat has a stainless steel capillary probe which can be inserted into the soil for accurate control over temperature. Most soil warming kits on the market only have a preset air thermostat, which is not ideal for soil warming, as air temperature and soil temperature are often very different.

Choose your desired length below depending on soil bed size. If you have a larger, or unique installation, please try our solution designer or contact us for additional design help.

125W Output
5m of self-regulating heating cable, approximately 125W total for soil beds up to 1 sq.m (10 sq.ft.)
250W Output
Soil Warming Kit with 10m (33 ft.) of heating cable, 250W for soil beds up to 2 sq.m (21.5 sq.ft.)
375W Output
Soil Warming kit with 15m (50ft.) of heating cable. 375W For soil beds up to 3 sq.m (32 sq.ft.)
500W Output
Soil Warming kit with 20m (65 ft) of Heating Cable. 500W kit is for soil beds up to 5 sq.m (53 sq.ft)
750W Output
Soil Warming kit with 30m (100 ft) of Heating Cable. 750W kit is for soil beds up to 6 sq.m (65 sq.ft)
1000W Output
Soil Warming kit with 40m (130 ft) of Heating Cable. 1000W kit is for soil beds up to 8 sq.m (85 sq.ft)
Products specifications
Thermostatic Control Fully Adjustable -5C to +40C
Heating Cable Self-regulating Inherently Temperature Safe
Ingress Protection IP67
Voltage 108-240V