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Intelligent Heating

Heating Cable Installation Guides

Our Installation Guides are created to be as easy to follow and clear as possible. Much thought and care has gone into how you are presented with this information. Each Guide is laid out with step by step instructions. Please Contact Us if you are unsure of any step, professionals are prepared to help you with your installation.

Due to the bespoke nature of our solutions, individual installation diagrams and information are shipped with each system, to verify correct shipment and help you connect and install the system without the need for an electrician. No cutting or splicing of cables is required. Please have a look inside and see for yourself how easy it is!

Interactive Installation Guides - Select an Application

Video Installation Guide - Pipe Freeze Prevention Kit

Installation really is very easy! We do most of the work for you by pre-assembling the basic components into a ready-made modular kit. Have a look at the YouTube video below and take a look for yourself.