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Intelligent Heating

Warranty and Returns

Our Warranty is provided to give you piece of mind over your purchase of a heating or freeze protection solution. If correcly installed and use our products should provided a long lifetime of worry-free use. If however, you do have trouble, please follow the policy outlined below.

Contents of the Warranty

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General Terms

  1. All reference to “us” or “HeatSafe” refers to Heat Trace, Limited. Please see about us for more information
  2. All reference to “you” refers to the original purchaser of any HeatSafe product
  3. Any guarantee provided within is subject to any and all applicable national, regional, or local warranty regulations and laws.

Returns without Reason

Items not created in the Solution Designer can be returned without reason within 7 days of receipt. Full refund will be given excepting shipping costs. Because the Solution Designer creates products customised to your specifications, these bespoke systems cannot be returned except due to damage or fault.

What does this Warranty Cover?

All product(s) purchased through the HeatSafe website.

What is the Coverage Period?

  1. All claims for Non-Delivery, Loss, or Damage in transit must be notified to us (e-mail to within 7 working days after the date of receipt of the damaged product; or within 7 working days after the date which it should have been received, in the event the product is lost.
  2. All claims concerning the quality of any goods supplied not apparent on reasonable inspection must be notified to us in writing (e-mail to within 24 calendar months of the date of their delivery, after which time they will be deemed to have been free from any defect.

What is our Guarantee?

We guarantee that if within 24 calendar months of their delivery any goods manufactured by us are proved to have been wholly or partly defective in construction, workmanship or materials when delivered we will, at our election:

  1. replace or repair the defective goods or part(s) free of charge and where we delivered the original goods to you at our expense, deliver the replacement or repaired goods or parts to you at our expense
  2. repay or give credit to you for the price or part of the price paid for the goods or part(s) in question.

What are the Limitations?

  1. We shall have no liability to repair or replace any goods or part(s) of goods found to be defective because of misuse, neglect, incorrect storage or handling, fair wear and tear, or because alterations, modifications or repairs have been carried out by personnel not designated by us.
  2. We may, at our discretion, require any defective or damaged product(s) to be shipped back to us for inspection or analysis. Any warranty claim made towards those product(s) is subject to the results of that inspection.
  3. All product(s) must be installed and operated in accordance with the provided installation and operating instructions, within their stated limitations. We shall have no liability if the products have been installed or operated in a manner found to be contrary to these instructions.
  4. The warranty guarantee is provided only to the original purchaser of the product(s). Any transference of ownership will terminate this contract.
  5. In no circumstances shall the aggregate of our liabilities to you arising out of this contract exceed the amount paid by you to us for the goods and/or services provided under it.
  6. We shall have no liability for or resulting from any loss or damage, whether indirect, economic, consequential, or of any other kind whatsoever as a result of any alleged breach of the terms and conditions of sale.
  7. Goods created by the Solution Designer are custom designed to your specifications and therefore cannot be returned without reason.

How can you get Service?

  1. E-mail customer support ( Please note the order number, date of order, and include a brief description of the problem or damage with your products.
  2. We will respond with instructions regarding: possible troubleshooting, product return, or service/replacement, within 5 working days of your initial e-mail