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Intelligent Heating

About HeatSafe

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We aim provide you with a complete line of safe, modular, easily installed heating and freeze protection solutions bespoke to your needs. All systems are designed to be easily installed in residential locations without the need for a professional installer or electrician.

We aim to provide you with the best possible equipment and components available on the market. Our inherently temperature safe, self regulating heating cables are produced in the same location, and using the same processes, as those used in the hazardous industrial areas such as oil refineries, nuclear power stations, offshore platforms and food processing facilities.

HeatSafe is the residential product division of Heat Trace, Ltd.; a global company providing complete heat tracing solutions, and the industry Technical Leader in its field.

HeatSafe's Goals

Each system is designed specifically for your installation and manufactured by expert technicians, in order to maximize the quality, safety, and function of the system, and minimize your worry. As a global company, we intend to produce cable heating and freeze protection solutions to be used world-wide, and whenever possible they will be built and shipped from your country of origin.

We are a constantly evolving company, continually developing new applications for our products and creating innovative solutions to your heating and freeze protection needs. In addition, we endeavor to continually increase the quality and performance of our current applications, and therefore welcome your feedback! Please Contact Us with questions, comments, suggestions at any time. We want to work with you to create the best and easiest to use heating and freeze protection solutions.

Advantages over the Competition
  • Technically advanced self-regulating and inherently temperature safe heating cables cannot overheat or burnout.
  • You will not be required to make any electrical connections other than the simple mating of plugs with sockets!
  • Time, energy and money will be saved by removing the frustration of shopping for individual components, or the designing, installing and testing of your system.
  • All heating cables, components, controls and protective devices are chosen automatically for their safety, reliability, and suitability to your individual environment and needs.
How the HeatSafe Model Works

You will receive a complete solution! Our unique and extensive Solution Designer will guide you through the entire process. For each installation, there will be a series of questions and choices that, when answered, will determine the system layout, including all components required.

Once your system is designed, it will be custom built by expert technicians to ensure its function and safety. Then your complete order will be shipped to the installation location. You can easily install and connect the system yourself, there is no need to hire an electrician. Detailed installation instructions are provided and expert online support is always available!